Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy birthday to me

Eventhough everyone laughed at me when i said i wana bake a cake for my own birthday, i still insist to do it myself as I really couldn't wait for other special occasion to make a cake with cream. Thinking of having a easy cake as my 'virgin cake', I made a black forest cake.

A simple chocolate sponge cake

Get things ready like a professional - revolving cake stand and spatula (such a cute cake stand right?)

The final product. As expected, the cake was not so good looking. The most daunting part must be the shaping of the cake with whipping cream. The piping of decorative swirls was also not easy and i ended up getting ugly and unevenly spaced swirls on the cake. Equally exhausting was the shaving of the chocolate to get beautiful chocolate curls which supposed to be the main decorating ingredient in a black forest cake. I tried so hard and finally i gave up. I could't find any reason but blame the old and blunt vegetable peeler.

Yap said the outer presentation of the cake is better than those sell in Indian bakery shop. Indian? Why? Isn't it ironic?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kiwi Yoghurt Muffin

Raisin and chocolate chips scones

This is a saturday morning and i was craving for breakfast after coming back from methadone clinic. I was in the mood of having some home make breakfast despite being scolded by one of the drug addict. I am sure people like me (who have high EQ, haha) shouln't have the mood spoilt by those unreasonable people.
I decided to bake scone as i miss my baking for so long and need to bake something that is fast and easy. You might think t i had bake this before from what i said. No no, you are wrong, this is my first time but i have confidence to have my breakfast served in half an hour time.
Like what Sze Min said, the preparing is fast, i added in an additional ingredient - chocolate chips to make the scones a little bit differrent from what she did, haha. To hasten the process, i didnt' even measure the amount of milk or beat the egg. When the batter is ready, i realised i haven't prepare the baking paper and also forgot to reserve some egg for glazing. I know you all are going to say that this is the result of being over confidence. Ok, next time I will be more careful. At last i decided to glaze the pre-bake scones with milk since i had milk on hand.
Finally , I still get my breakfast served in half an hour time but the outlook of end products were not so satisfying. I expected a lousy breakfast but the taste of the scones was surprisingly nice and fragrance. It is really weird that i taste banana in the scones, haha. Think next time i am going to bake a banana scones and feel the difference. Besides the scones, i was also having the home planted starfruit bought from the malay uncle in my clinic.


I am suppose to blog this before CNY because this pancake was done with the leftovers egg whites from the CNY cookies. Actually i can't find any pancake recipe with egg whites but i just tried my luck as pancake was the only thing in my mind at that moment.
I was expecting a fairer pancake but surprisingly, the colour turn out to be as brown as the normal pancake.
This recipe is really easy, try it out. You can either use whole egg or make a healthier version of pancake with purely egg white.

Some dishes

Italian pasta
Traditional hakka boh-chiang

Bitter gourd soup

cheesy pita

sweet and sour chicken
...i am sure you will be so bored seeing the same plate again and again. Hmm... may have to buy more plates, haha